Top 5 Mobile Spy 2015

Spying as an activity is not very positive thing to do unless it is done to prevent any kind of misdeeds. And we perfectly understand that it may be an arguable issue. Before starting developing our business in the direction we had considered all pros and cons of the matter and we strongly believe that its positive role is of a higher value and it may bring more good things rather than be used inappropriate way.

What we actually do we give our customers a possibility to see what is best in the market of high tech mobile phone monitoring software . Our team spends lots of time learning various applications to give our readers most objective reviews on each program covered in our articles.

Rank Product Rating Price Discount
Short Review
$39.99 GJ20OFF are producers of the smart decisions for any needs. Spyware applications they offer are well built professional solutions. Read full review
Well known for its business customer support; they have good offers for companies with numerous employees on various tasks. Read full review
$59.99 – this is the case when the saying “the name speaks for itself “ is applicable. Their software will log most of the mobile phone activates: geographical position of the object, message history, internet  browsing information. Read full review $49.95  they target internet connected  devices including iPad and other smart phones. All basic spying features are either available. Read full review

Supplies shortened versions of the software, which is suitable for particular tasks. If you look for all inclusive spying software this would not be your choice on the other hand if your need really profession solution for one specific task that is the best place where you can get the product worth the money spent. Read full review

Above we would like to give the updates on some of the numerous brands available around global web.

Our crew at  every single second receives updates from around the globe on the companies specializing in mobile spying software development and their products.

The idea is not new but it gained new features with daily mounting up popularity of mobile communication devices.  

The purposes for using this kind of software may be different. That is why be sure to use it according to local laws not to suppress anybody’s privacy. Be aware that insufficient use of it may draw legal responsibilities.

Below we name some reasons when people use mobile devices monitoring software most:

  • Parents use it to protect their children from being seduced, bullied , etc.
  • Employers install it on their fully aware employees’ mobile phones to prevent frauds;
  • Often spouses check on their partners to make sure that family life is not damaged.

Actually we are not here to advertise or to warn you. Our role is to help to find good product and the reason you need it for is totally your personal responsibility.

Market is full of different products and to find a decent one is not an easy task. We strongly believe that our revues will be of great use for those not wishing to waste their time on studying the market of spying software, as you are more likely to get fancied by professionally prepared by psychologists advertising campaign. If you still wish to go through thousand web pages, perform hundreds tests (that is what team does on daily basis)  we can’t stop you then. If you wish to make your life easier it would be better to trust this tasks to professionals who can clearly in simple words (if required) give personal opinion of the product including information from many other reviews and feedbacks picked from professional programmers forums. We give you ten best producers according to the daily based research, the information is regularly updated.

We build our top 10 chart according to the following considered the most essential criteria:
  • Capability to report and log in information from different applications. It is the software ability to track phone calls and any text message (SMS, Skype, e-mails), any multimedia files (video, pictures) viewed or received.
  • The ability of a spying software to track the location of the device (GPS).
  • The capability of mobile spy applications to block web sites and potentially unwanted. 
  • The price/quality correlation of an application.
  • The quality of technical and customer support the producing company provides. provides the reviews of the applications that are the best in the market and are most in demand. By creating our reviews we make it easier for you to decide upon the application and save your time. We have nothing to do with software producers our business is honest and objective information.

Review Mechanics
Several professional and independent mobile technology experts make up the review team for our website. They keep gathering and analyzing vital information on all cell phone tracking applications available on this highly competitive market. Testing is also carried out on a constant basis by our team of technical experts to support important findings. Opinions from blogs, forums and different marketing web resources are gathered and then evaluated – and the result goes through physical testing to confirm or refute their initial evaluation results.

These top 5 cell phone tracking applications selected were mostly rated according to the abovementioned criteria but with special considerations on compatibility of operating systems for smartphones, key functionality available, price affordability, the quality of customers service, overall evaluation provided by real users, website usability, ease of installation and use. The general estimation for these cell phone tracking applications is regularly reevaluated according to the latest run-down gathered by our team of professional reviewers. The list of the best phone trackers might change over time as new brands appear on the market.